WildEyre Project

Eyre Peninsula Coastline

The WildEyre project is a collaborative conservation program driven by strong partnerships between five key organisations;

WildEyre aims to maintain and conserve biological diversity in our project area by taking a practical, scientific and inclusive approach to conservation. By developing a shared ecological vision and uniting our efforts we believe it will lead to greater returns than if all partners worked independently.

The fundamental aim of the WildEyre project is the recovery and conservation of the large habitat areas of western Eyre Peninsula.

The WildEyre team is working to achieve this vision by attracting investment into the region, facilitating on ground conservation actions & linking strongly with the local community.

WildEyre Bird Surveys

  Red Gum WoodlandStaff and volunteers from NCSSA recently conducted bird and vegetation surveys in the "Wild Eyre" region of Eyre Peninsula. Baseline information on birds was collected across four priority vegetation communities (Sheoak grassy woodland, Native Pine & Mallee Box woodland, Red Gum woodland and Coastal shrubland). 

 These communities have been identified as key ecological assets by the "Conservation Action Planning" process and will be targeted for restoration over the coming years as part of a larger project funded by the Commonwealth Government's "Biodiversity Fund".  

In October 2012, 32 randomly selected sites were sampled for birds usingrepeated 2 hectare/ 20 minute surveys.