2012 Conservation Biology Grant Winners Announced


The NCSSA 2012 Conservation Biology Grants were announced at the 3rd May meeting of the Society (held in conjunction with the Biology Society of SA meeting).
This grant aims to assist honours and post-graduate level student research into aspects of conservation biology.

The recipients were:

Rebecca Dew, Honours Student, Flinders University
‘Conservation threats to the South Australian Bee, Exoneurellatridentata from declining recruitment of Western Myall’

  Maria Louter, PhD Candidate, University of SA
‘Ecological light pollution: Effects on the ecology of Adelaide’s amphibian fauna’

  Sarah Pearson, PhD Candidate, Flinders University
‘Utilising scats to examine social structure and genetic diversity in a group living lizard’

We congratulate all the recipients for 2012 and look forward to reading and hearing about the outcomes of their research in the coming year.  Conservation Biology Grant recipients are required to submit a short article for publication in Xanthopus and also to present a short talk at a General Meeting.