Conservation Biology Grant

This NCSSA funded and administered grant was initiated by us in 2003. Each year we offer honours and post-graduate students the opportunity to apply for grant funding of up to $3,300 to support their research into aspects of conservation biology.

Since 2019 the grants have been awarded in partnership with the Biological Society SA.

Funds are available for research which is aimed at: improving understanding of the conservation status of species or ecological communities; providing recommendations for improvement of some aspect of biodiversity conservation; understanding the ecology of species or communities; and understanding threats to biodiversity and management of those threats.


2021 Conservation Biology Grant Winners


Congratulations to the successful recipients:bat

  • Natalie Brown “A win-wine situation: do native bats eat arthropod pests of South Australian vineyards?”
  • Laura Schroder “Fish communities associated with biogenic reefs constructed by the tubeworm polychaete, Ficopomatus enigmaticus in the Coorong estuary, South Australia.”
  • Mollie-Rosae Slater-Baker “The biodiversity and systematics of the wasp genus Apanteles, a megadiverse group of caterpillar parasitoids: baseline taxonomy to inform conservation priorities.”
  • Riley Hodgson “Increasing the drought tolerance of kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra) via targeted inoculations of arid and mesic soil microbiota.”