Xanthopus Winter 2006 Issue

 Featured in this issue:


  • Why you need a horse pick - MLR Grassy Woodland Network continues in 2006.... 
  • Threatened Flora of the Willunga Basin: A parable for peri-urban biodiversity decline
  • Conservation Biology Grant Report: Ecotourism as a means of encouraging ecological recovery and conservation in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Autumn 2006

Featured in this issue:
  • Scientific Officer's report:
    Biodiversity in SA's cemeteries threatened by proposed changes
    to Native Vegetation law

  • Conservation Biology Grant Report: Effects of Chenopod Shrubs on Annual Plant Community Structure in a Semi-Arid Open Woodland

  • Mount Lofty Ranges Grassy Woodland Network: What is the link between declining birds and habitat?

Summer 2005

Featured in this issue:

  • Scientific Officer's report: On and off park management for conservation

  • NCSSA Annual Report

  • Grassy Woodlands Network update