Latest issue of Xanthopus Autumn 2007

Featured in this issue:    sugar_glider_gsprings

Updates on:
- The Mount Lofty Ranges Declining Woodland Bird Survey
- TPAG plant recovery programs in the AMLR
- Revisiting South Para

  • Conservation Biology Grant Report: Difficulties associated with urban bat research
  • Different shades of Green: Corridors are starting to link remnant vegetation in the Limestone Coast

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Summer 2006

Featured in this issue:


  • Mining Madness: What kind of precedent is being set for the future of Australian mining?
  • NCSSA 2005-2006 Annual Report
  • True blue or risky business? Threats posed by Tasmanian blue gum plantations to biodiversity


Spring 2006

 Featured in this issue:coongie_3_gg

  • Scientific Officer's Report: RAMSAR WETLANDS - Protected or pillaged? 
  • The status of Brushtail Possums on the Lower Eyre Peninsula following the January 2005 bushfire
  • Naked Rehabilitation at Maslin Beach
  • NCSSA 2006 Survey - revisiting Pre-European Vegetation of Adelaide