Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy Review

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We recently provided comments on this strategy. The conservation of the last remaining examples of the original Adelaide Plains flora has long been a concern of the Society.
The vegetation remnants that still survive in the Adelaide Park Lands are highly significant because so few examples of the unique vegetation of the Adelaide Plains exist and because of the significant plant species they contain.

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Nora Creina PER is flawed

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We recently provided comment on the Public Environmental Report (PER) for the Nora Creina Golf Course and Tourism Resort that is being proposed near Robe in the South East of the state. The Minister for Planning declared the project a Major Development pursuant to Section 46(1) of the Development Act 1993 in March 2014. It was then referred to the Federal Environment Minister who declared it a controlled action under the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Act 1999 (EPBC Act). If approved, the development will result in the clearance of approximately 240 hectares of remnant native coastal vegetation and impact upon matters of national and state environmental significance such as the Little Dip Spider-orchid (Caladenia richardsiorum) and Orange-bellied Parrot (Neophema chrysogaster) listed as Critically Endangered under the EPBC Act. The PER was required as part of the EPBC referral process for the proposal and has been prepared pursuant to Section 46C of the Development Act 1993.

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