Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law (APEEL) Technical Papers for “The Future of Australian Environmental Laws”

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The Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law (APEEL) released a series of Technical Papers in May 2017 that outlined key elements of proposed new Commonwealth environmental laws with the aim of ensuring a healthy, functioning and resilient environment for generations to come. Given the need to address systematically, effectively and creatively Australia's ecological challenges, APEEL considered the need for more effective environmental laws.
We strongly supported the urgent need for legislative reforms to provide greater protection for biodiversity and address ongoing declines in the condition and extent of native vegetation and biodiversity that have been reported in successive National State of the Environment Reports over the past two decades. Our submission focussed on on two of the technical papers prepared by APEEL: "Terrestrial biodiversity conservation and natural resource management" and "Marine and Coastal issues".

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