Join the Committee

Join the Committee, (or a sub-committee), to:

  • Manage and direct the organisation
  • Provide strategic direction to our conservation work
  • Represent the Society's membership;
  • Assist with running conservation projects;
  • Organise NCSSA activities and events;
  • Work with other committed conservationists.

The Committee comprises ten elected members, including the Executive positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.  A committee term is for one year and the committee is elected by the Society membership at the Annual General Meeting held in September each year.

If you have energy and time to dedicate to conservation and are interested in becoming a member of our Management Committee please contact us at the NCSSA Office or 08 71274630 or email us.


If elected to the committee you must be available for monthly meetings, held on the third Wednesday of the month at 5.30 pm, and be committed to volunteering some time outside of the monthly meetings to help with jobs such as running NCSSA events, attending to administrative tasks, and representing the Society.  The skills and time that you donate to committee work is according to your interest and capability.  In exchange, serving the committee will give you opportunities to develop new skills, work with new friends and come into contact with different perspectives on environmental issues.

The current committee members are listed in the front cover of your latest edition of ‘Xanthopus'.  Members are encouraged to bring issues and items of interest to the attention of the management committee and are welcome to attend committee meetings.

Our current committee consists of a group of very talented and energetic people with qualifications and experience in the fields of botany, ecology, biodiversity management, financial management, bushland protection and regeneration and adminstration. Areas where we could currently utilize extra experience are legal, fundraising and promotion.

Many hands make light work, and a representative NCSSA!  To this end, we have a range of sub-committees to which you may be able to lend your expertise.  These include:

  • Activities sub-committee
  • Xanthopus sub-committee
  • Project steering committees
  • Conservation Biology Grant sub-committee

Any member of the NCSSA can serve on any of the sub-committees or the management committee, and members of sub-committees do not need to also be members of the management committee.