Development (Regulated Trees) Amendment Act

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The Society recently reviewed the Development (Regulated Trees) Amendment Act which was passed in late 2009, although the associated regulations are yet to go through Parliament. Changes to the Act include re-classifying the defi nition of a significant and regulated tree, effectively making it easier to remove large trees. At present all trees with a trunk circumference of 2 metres, measured at 1metre above the natural ground level, are protected as signifi cant. Under the proposed changes, signifi cant trees must have a trunk circumference of at least 3 meters. Twenty two species, including Box Elder, Silver Maple, White Poplar and Weeping Willow, won’t be considered signifi cant or regulated regardless of size, while only a handful of species will be protected if they are within 10m of an existing dwelling or pool.

We will keep the membership updated on the ongoing status of the regulations.