Draft Wildlife Conservation Plan Migratory Shorebirds

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The draft Wildlife Conservation Plan for Migratory Shorebirds provides a useful framework for strengthening measures to protect migratory waders and their habitat. We support the inclusion of a detailed description of the threats to migratory shorebirds, clear definitions of important habitat for migratory shorebirds and a detailed, prioritised table of actions required against each objective. We recommend that further details be included on the implementation of identified actions and a demonstrated commitment by the Australian Government to provide adequate resources to support ongoing population monitoring and implementation of the Plan. We also strongly recommend that the plan makes a commitment to no net loss of important shorebird habitat and recognises the significant impact of the cumulative effects of multiple threats.


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Comments on South Para Parks Management Plan

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The Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources is developing a management plan for the South Para Parks, incorporating:  

  •  Para Wirra Recreation Park
  • Hale Conservation Park
  • Warren Conservation Park and
  • Sandy Creek Conservation Park
The South Para Parks are located in the Northern Mount Lofty Ranges, 40km north of Adelaide near the South Para River. These parks protect important habitats and significant flora and fauna species. Para Wirra Recreation Park, together with land managed by ForestySA and SA Water, protects one of the largest contiguous blocks of remant vegetation in the Northern Mount Lofty Ranges.  

The NCSSA provided comments on the Biodiversity and Visitor Use Discussion Papers that will guide development of the management plan for the South Para Parks. 

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