New NCS project

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We are pleased to announce a new project, with Jill Woodlands joining us as the "Amongst It" Coordinator.

Amongst It arose out of a desire to highlight people’s diverse expressions of love for the beautiful natural places in South Australia, and to sponsor new and varied ways for people to connect with and express appreciation for nature here in SA.

We're part of the Nature of SA, a sector-wide partnership experimenting with new ways forward for Nature and society in South Australia. After a statewide consultation process, the Nature of SA partnership is running a series of experiments, of which we are one.

More from Jill shortly but meantime check out the Amongst It website

Amongst It 2019 grants

amonst it 2019 grants

Are you a tourist operator? An indigenous group? A metropolitan or rural urban residents’ group? A sporting club? A conservationist? A winery? An artist? A surf lifesaver? Are you someone who spends time outdoors? Do you live, work or walk in and around natural spaces?

Amongst It is providing small grants ($500– $5000) to trial projects that:

  • Undertake an activity or initiative that helps people feel closer or more connected to nature,
  • Measure, with our support, how effective the event or activity may have been to shift people's feelings of connection to nature or inspire them to take action to care for nature, and
  • Include an element of the project where this story is shared with others.

Grant applications close 31st May 2019

Download flyer and project guide.

More info on the Amongst it website